Our Client Case Studies provide brief snapshots and examples of the original intellectual property that comprises our multifaceted services, events, media, speeches and solutions we have delivered for our global clients over the past decade.

Client Case Study #1: American Airlines

Need: Reach and engage potential business traveler customers on the web by creating original and applicable content for their busy lives. Give them a "magnetic" reason to visit American Airlines website and sign up for our loyalty programs.

Solution: Created and filmed a series of web vignettes focused on business leadership and strategies designed to help the busy traveling professional. Short motivational and strategic messages that would help them better organize and execute in their professional lives. Business guru tips to staying on top that were offered as a reward for travelers who came to the site. 

Client Case Study #2: Ernst & Young

Need: Attract, inform, and recruit highly skilled mid-career professionals to the firm's practice groups, partners, and culture.

Solution: Engineered "Success to Significance" keynote speeches and partner level, open panel discussions in multiple US cities to peel back the curtain on the industry and what it takes to succeed in the business from top-tier partners and noted professionals. All content geared towards answering the key demographic target question - "How can someone with minimal experience in the advisory, accounting or consulting industry transition into the firm and rise to the top, what are the transferable skills from your current profession?"


Client Case Study #3: Pepsi

Need: Expand and innovate on our national Millennial multicultural marketing efforts, while preserving core brand messaging and empowering our consumers and their communities through education, entertainment, sports, and technology. How do we crack the code?

Solution: Developed a targeted, multi-year strategic marketing plan, community outreach and brand ambassador effort for Millennials that includes engaging events and festivals; continuing education through university level master classes, symposiums, and scholarships; web, mobile, and print messaging; and empowering internship opportunities that create access with noteworthy industry and government partners. 


Client Case Study #4: American Heart Association

Need: Increase our core messaging, resonance, and employee effectiveness with a community audience that continues to struggle with heart related health issues like diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, and poor diet choices. 

Solution: Engaged key stakeholders, internal employees, staff, and executives on effective strategies and tactics via symposium, keynotes, and high-level planning retreats to enhance the execution of their health mission and unique ways to register with their at-risk audience.


Client Case Study #5: United States Coast Guard Academy

Need: Uplift and educate our graduating future officers on core leadership lessons, overcoming obstacles, team building, and the power of diversity from the business world and life.

Solution: Delivered "Lessons from the Boardroom" keynote lecture, followed by Q&A discussion to drill down on key leadership anecdotes, scenarios, problems and solutions encountered over the course of a multi-industry, multi-geography, and multi-assignment career spanning from Consumer Products to Wall Street to Entrepreneurship.